You are on the site of the MightTrade5 project.

The project brings together a powerful team of consistently profitable transgalactic traders who….. joke!

This is just my blog. Who am I? None. A student who learns from the market. And apparently a psycho who thinks he can teach himself how to trade. After all, they say that the exchange is a scam and a casino, here everything was cleaned up by robots HFT dolls funds, etc., etc.

MightTrade5 is what I call my trading practice.

The site and telegram channels are part of the practice that I conduct to strengthen my spirit, achieve the quality of thinking that allows me to be focused at every moment of time and as close as possible to the state of flow, disciplined, concentrated and confident in the face of constant uncertainty. Without trying to get something from the market or avoid losses at all costs. With the recognition of the absolute correctness and freedom of action of the market.

Practice, preparation, endless repetition help in this … .. this is the way.

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