I trade NQ, MNQ, ES, MES futures according to my own method and rules on 1M.

I practice based on my understanding of the market acquired as a result of screen time, observation and comparison, taking into account the theory of the auction, found competitive advantages and the use of a number of indicators.

I use the following indicators:

1. AutoTMI, showing the strength of the price movement, “fuel volume”.

The Creator advises using it to determine the moment of the end of the movement, but in fact it is sometimes possible to use it to determine the beginning and continuation.

2. ClasterSearch, showing the volumes of contracts traded at a given time at adjacent prices

3. ImbalanceLevels, showing the imbalance of the given volumes of bids and asks

4.VolumeProfile, displays horizontal volumes for a certain time interval.

Indicating the point at which the main volume was traded, ROS (point of control) and the upper and lower boundaries of the value area (Value area high and Value area low, VAH/VAL)
I use intervals 5M, 15M, 1H

5. VWAP showing the weighted average price and its standard deviations. With the ability to select the start and end points of the calculation.

6. Volatility indicator no lagging, showing the state of volatility at the moment without lagging

Basically, everything is in the TigerTrade terminal, and for the Volatility indicator I use MetaTrader5

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